UL 142 Fuel Tanks

The UL142 standard is best known in the petroleum industry for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids. The UL142 standard was developed by state fire marshals for custom-built tanks. It employs good engineering practices using defined minimum design standards and unannounced inspections by UL inspectors.

Our pre-engineered 24-hour and 48-hour sub-base fuel tanks are designed to enhance the pre-engineered sound attenuated enclosures for Gensets ranging from 500kW – 1500kW. Custom-sized fuel tanks can also be manufactured for Gensets smaller than 500kW and larger 1500kW.

Utilizing a tested design and manufacturing process, our team will provide a custom sub-base diesel fuel supply tank based upon our pre-engineered model, yet suitable for your site-specific application. All our sub-base fuel tanks are UL Listed 142.

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