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Rail Transit Shelters

Communication & Signaling Applications

Rail-Transit Shelters are built for durability and low maintenance to withstand the extreme railway environment. Constructed of corrosion-resistant 14-gauge stainless steel or .100”/.187” aluminum, as well as stainless steel door hinges with grease fittings for lubrication. The full perimeter contact door gasket provides a dust-proof and water-resistant compression seal to keep out contaminants. The gable roof design with passive ventilation prevents interior condensation and includes seam caps for superior weather protection. The interior is designed to accommodate various rack layouts by utilizing the adjustable cable ladder track and lighting systems, as well as taking advantage of the multiple floor penetrations for wire and cable entry.

  • Available in 10′ x 20′, 10′ x 30′, and 10′ x 40′
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Precision Quincy Industries Rail Transit Shelters Interior Transparent Background