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Utility Shelters

Designed for the utility & industrial markets, Precision Quincy Industries’ shelters are built strong with galvannealed steel construction. The shelters provide a sturdy, corrosion-resistant barrier in even the harshest conditions and can be used in numerous industrial applications. Our shelters feature welded assemblies using code-compliant designs. The ultra-lightweight design reduces freight, crane, and site foundation costs and these shelters ship prefabricated to the worksite. Designed to withstand the elements, with 80 lbs. per SF snow load, 125 MPH wind load, and 250 lbs. per SF floor load. The low-pitch gable roof design is impact-resistant with natural passive ventilation. Utility Shelters are an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring, electrical substations, control rooms, and more. 

  • Flat-panel exterior walls provide up to 50% more space to conveniently mount additional auxiliary components versus corrugated exteriors.
  • A low-pitch gable style roof with passive ventilation reduces condensation in the roof cavity and potential mold growth.
  • Modular-Split to provide additional space for specialized high-value equipment while eliminating the use of wide-load trucking escorts.
  • Provide complete installation services.
  • Single point-of-contact project management that is process-driven and always responds within 24 hours.
Precision Quincy Industries Utility Trailer Transparent Background
Precision Quincy Industries Utility Shelters Montaged Transparent Background