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Precision Quincy Communication Shelters

Communication/Data Shelters

Designed with the telecommunication shelters industry in mind, Precision Quincy Industries’ communication shelters are constructed with welded structural steel to be both strong and lightweight. The shelters have a rock-solid aggregate exterior that provides an appealing concrete appearance with less weight. The galvannealed steel roof and truss system provide years of maintenance-free operation and impact resistance. The gable roof design is also an attractive, low-profile roof with passive ventilation to provide airflow to the shelter. The communication shelters feature fully insulated, finished interiors that reflect light and are energy efficient. The finished interior is virtually maintenance-free after years of commercial use. Precision Quincy Industries’ lightweight design significantly reduces site construction and transportation costs.


  • Solid and lightweight structural-welded design reduces transportation costs on average by 50% versus heavy concrete structures weighing up to 4-times more.
  • Provide complete installation services.
  • “Drag-skid” base design with front & rear tow bars facilitates site location in rugged terrain areas and eliminates the need to rent additional auxiliary hauling equipment.
  • Single point-of-contact project management that is process-driven and always responds within 24 hours.

Project Overview/Customer Testimonial - Motorola

During the days following the tragic events of September 11th, Motorola was requested to build and deploy a complete mobile broadcast system within 36 hours.  This task was accomplished on time, in large part due to the outstanding “can-do” effort from Precision Quincy in providing Motorola with two communication shelters. 

“The building and transport vehicle supplied by Precision Quincy provided everything needed for the project to be successful. The effort, results, and quality of your product exemplify the Motorola standard of doing business.”

– Jim Screeden, MCEI, Vice President & Director, Motorola